Almost Nearly Paradise

By Brenda Gottsche

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8 – 23 July 2016

Previews: 8th and 9th July (bookings essential)
Friday and Saturday at 7:30pm
Sunday matinees 3pm


Venue: Star of the Sea Theatre
Theatre Company: Factory Space Theatre

Duration: N/A

“Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the bookclub”!

Four locals are set to enjoy their bookclub at a Pittwater island paradise . But when Australia’s 48th richest man rolls up making them a dangerous but alluring offer, the sharks start to circle. For once they choose, there will be no turning back!

A recipe for happiness or disaster:
Take 1 Sydney island retreat
Fold in 4 incompatible women, 1 don juan, 1 shady millionaire
Add 1 raging storm and a shower of gold,
Stir up in a new book club
,,, and serve with a dollop of comedy.

The sold out season at The Balmain Exchange heads to Manly


It’s almost well, nearly paradise. “Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the bookclub”!

A bookclub meets on a beautiful island in the Pittwater. The alcohol flows, and the night becomes a goldmine of dangerous revelations. Then Australia’s 48th richest man rolls up and everyone’s true nature emerges from the water like a circling shark!”

The Factory Space Theatre Company creates an experience for the audience that is entertaining and engaging with never a dull moment. This entrancing tale spun beautifully by Brenda Gottsche and directed by Ros Riley.

A group of Pittwater women, each their own unique person, take the plunge and join the local book club. There are books, boats, mobiles, wine and money. You feel there. The naturalness of the characters brings the location cleverly to life. It’s a great taste of what this theatre company can produce.

This style of local pub, or festival stage theatre presents works that are well worth viewing and much better than a night at home watching the telly.

Make the effort and get out and partake in the local theatre scene.” – Weekend notes


The play has many unexpected twists and turns, with wicked and entertaining dialogue, and features some delicious one-liners. My favourite line of dialogue was “He is unattached to the truth”.
This was a fun night in the theatre with a well chosen cast who each gave believable performances. The show was well directed by Roz Riley. – Sydney Theatre Arts



Director: Roz Riley

Cast: Maree Cole, Tara Jay, Steven Menteith, Grace Naoum, Melissa Kathryn Rose & Tadhg Scanlon

Ticket Prices:

Adults $35
Concession $28

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