Time Over Distance Over Time

Choreographer: Liz Roche in collaboration with performers

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22 – 25 Jun 2016

Wednesday 22 June 8pm
Thursday 23 June 8pm
Friday 24 June 12:30pm & 8pm
Saturday 25 June 8pm


Venue: Riverside: Lennox Theatre
Producers: Liz Roche Company and Queensland University Of Technology

Time Over Distance Over Time sees a cast of six performers wrestle with the physical and emotional distance they encounter while living at opposite ends of the planet. Digital technology is the lifeline but ultimately a poor substitute for the full presence of a person. A person standing beside you, understanding you not just from what you say, but from the myriad of physical information that enhances our experience of each other.

Working with an exceptional creative team, the performers explore their constantly fragmenting and suspended physicality, while preserving their relationship to each other over distance and time.

“Liz Roche has been an integral part of Ireland’s dance community for many years. She is a restless artist continually pushing herself into new places.“ – Ballet Tanz International

Please Note: This performance has a 15 minute lock out period


Choreographer: Liz Roche in collaboration with performers

Cast: Simone Litchfield, Grant McLay, Henry Montes, Jenny Roche, Liz Roche, Rahel Vonmoos

Interactive Digital Media: Jared Donovan
Film: Luca Truffarelli
Set Consultant: Paul O’Mahony
Lighting Designer: Aideen Malone

Co-presented by Dublin Dance Festival 2016 and Live Collision Festival 2016

Ticket Prices:

Adult $35
Concession $28
F/T Student $28
Child Under 16 $28