A group of 14 young German soldier boys are used to clear 4,500 landmines from a Danish beach right after WWII. The Germans left over a million of these insidious contraptions on Denmark’s west coast and their production should be banned. Their Danish Sargeant hates Germans and he puts the boys to task. But even he can see the humanity in the inhumanity of man.

This is brilliantly bleak film making and an uncomfortable one. It’s graphic enough to send one reviewer fleeing and I winced more than once. But if you can stick with it, you will be rewarded, although the tension is unrelenting.

All the acting is outstanding, particularly Roland Møller as the Danish Sergeant Carl. His transformation is real without sentimentality.

This is one of those films will leave you red eyed and scarred… the mark of a powerfully moving film.

Con’s Score: 4.5 blasts.

Con Nat’s –  Talking Arts